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He said, she said.

The mainstream media is all aghast.  Supreme Court Justice David Prosser attacked fellow Justice Ann Walsh Bradley and put her in a choke hold!  Hold the presses!  This story has taken on a life of it's own.

Trouble is, aside from the headlines and spin coming out of the mainstream media, something doesn't seem right...

First of all, this supposed "attack" took place weeks ago.  June 13th to be exact.  So why is this being "leaked" (by Dems) now?  Most know that Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson and her liberal co-horts like to make life miserable for those conservatives on the bench.  Abrahamson has been known to egg on the other conservative justices and treat them with disrespect.   Justice Prosser even stated at one time in his defense:  "In the context of this, I said you (Abrahamson) are a total bitch.  I probably overreacted, but I think it was entirely warranted.   They (Abrahamson and Bradley) are masters of deliberately goading people into perhaps incautious statements.  This is bullying and abuse of a very, very long standing." 

During the recent  debate over the bill on collective bargaining rights of public employees, emotions were running high on the court.  Of course, the liberals wanted to side with the unions and Democrats, never mind the law they were supposed to uphold.  And they were angry.  Angry that the conservatives on the court have a majority - and the law behind them!  Suffice it to say, by all accounts, things got out of hand.

And, very telling, the details about the possibility that Justice Ann Walsh Bradley physically went after Justice David Prosser, are being downplayed.  By the media, of course. 

Now, David Prosser is not a very physically intimidating figure.  A bit over 5' 8" and maybe weighing in at 140 pounds soaking wet. Pushing 70 years old.    On the other hand, Ann Walsh Bradley could be compared to  Rosie O'Donnell.  A large woman - could be a football  linebacker if a man.  Version one - as put out by the Bradley camp - has poor little Bradley being put in a "choke hold" by David Prosser.   Version 2 has Prosser being rushed by Bradley, and putting up his arms to defend himself.  Accidentally, Prosser touched Bradley's neck.

As a fellow (unidentified at this point) Justice stated to Bradley:  "You were not choked."

So what we've really got is Don Knotts attacking Rosie O'Donnell.  Think it happened?    The scenario that seems the most logical is that the usual suspects - the minority liberals -were very upset.  They were about to lose on the ruling to allow the budget repair bill to go through.  Tensions were high.  And they cannot stand the conservative justices on the court.  The feelings are probably likewise.  And Justice Bradley lost control - attacking Justice Prosser - who defended himself.  A few weeks have gone by and - lo and behold - all of a sudden Bradley decides she was put in a "choke hold" by Prosser. 

OK.  Prosser denies everything.  And I do believe that Prosser is the one telling the truth.  After all, what did Prosser have to gain by attacking Bradley?  The liberals on the Supreme Court were going to be on the losing end.  Prosser had just won re-election - fair and square - against a totally unqualified challenger - Joanne "bought and paid for by the unions"  Kloppenburg.  The conservative justices were in the drivers seat. 

Abrahamson and the other liberals on the court have been trying for ages to discredit any of the conservative justices.  It's a pattern. And most of us do know what is going on.  Typical liberal tactics.  When they cannot get their way, they try their best to undermine the opposition.  That's all they have left.   The mainstream media falls in lock step to report with the liberal spin.  Prosser ATTACKED Bradley!!!  In small print we get:  oh, by the way, Bradley may have rushed at Prosser.....

Whatever.  What we have here are Supreme Court Justices behaving badly.  Both Bradley and Prosser may share the blame, but no one will ever know what really happened on June 13th.  The two versions we'll hear about come from conservatives and liberals.  However, knowing the liberals do anything to advance their causes - morals be damned - I'd be willing to bet the Prosser didn't do anything but defend himself against an angry liberal who couldn't control herself. 

Remember the liberal mantra:  "do as we say, not as we do."   So when a few wacky Tea Party members compared Barack Obama to Hitler - why, the left and media went nuts!  How dare they!  The Tea Party members are crazy!  Insane!  However, witness the "civil" protests in Madison, with liberals calling Scott Walker every nasty name in the book - including Hitler!   But, that's OK - cuz it's free speech and, well, Walker IS like Hitler!  Taking away those entitlements!  Making people actually pay for their own benefits!  Egads!  How Hitler-esque!  A double standard for everything.  Only in the liberal world.  Everything is upside down and the truth be damned as long as the desired leftie outcome is achieved.  Well, most of us are catching on.  Bradley attacking Prosser?  Prosser attacking Bradley?  He said....she said.  In this case, I think it is more appropriate to say "he said...she lied."

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