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A yard sign for the times and more...

Thanks to my conservative cousin, a Milwaukee policeman, for e-mailing me the following yard sign he recently came across while surfing the net.  Given the wave of optimism sweeping our state with Governor Walker in charge - doing the right things to get our state fiscally sound and back on track - this sign adds a good boost of humor to keep the momentum growing.   

Optimism and real "hope" seems to be spreading across the country - especially now that the chance is coming to get even more true conservative Republicans into government at the federal level and a strong conservative President. 

As each day passes, it sure is looking like Obama has the potential to become a one-term president.  (Keep golfing and tweeting, Barry!)   Just continue to ignore the high unemployment rates, and the economy!  Keep dissing our allies and kissing up to our enemies!  Pay little attention to those pesky wars!  And by all means, don't listen to Representative Paul Ryan (it's obvious you don't understand Ryan's common sense solutions to many the fiscal issues Americans are facing anyhow.)  Obama's arrogance and narcissism will eventually do him in - if there is any justice.  Barry and Michelle better try to squeeze in as many expensive date nights (paid for by the taxpayers, of course) and continue to live the high life they are enjoying,  before they get the boot in 2012! 

This is even more hilarious!  ( Just received the following pic from a fellow blogger:  Thanks, Jim Hayett!)

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