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Shame! Shame! Shame!

First we get protests ala the 1960's, disrupting the legislative process in Madison for days on end.

Then, 14 Democratic Senators, who fled the state rather than doing their jobs, are "honored" by the anti-Walker crowd upon their return to Wisconsin.

Now we get anti-Walker "zombies" blocking the views of Special Olympians while Governor Scott Walker was giving a speech honoring the athletes... 

When Governor Jim Doyle and the Democratic majority were running the state into ruin, did Republicans and conservatives erect a "Doyleville" and camp out in tents outside the capitol?  Did Republicans and conservatives unhappy with the tax-and-spend M.O. of the Doyle Administration flee the state or disrupt proceedings in the capitol on a daily basis?  No.  We accepted the fact that elections have consequences and we waited until the next election cycle to change things for the better.  And now we have six Republican representatives facing recall elections FOR DOING THEIR JOBS.  Many on the  left cannot show any respect or a level of decency in regards to the November election results.  They are like pouty children.  As exhibited by disrupting an event honoring Special Olympians.

What else can one say except Shame! Shame! Shame!

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