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The Mainstream Media - gotta love 'em

After a very heated and partisan race for a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court,  Justice David Prosser won - again.  He won the election fair and square to begin with.  He has now won the recount.  The votes were all tallied and recorded and certified.  When everything was said and done -  over $200,000.00 taxpayer dollars later -  Prosser was STILL more than 7,000 votes ahead of challenger Joanne Kloppenburg.

This was a big race - with lots of outside interests and backers pouring money and support in for Kloppenburg.   Keep in mind this was not because of her abilities (or even acknowledging her lack of), but because she supposedly represented to many a vote against Scott Walker.  Twisted logic to say the least.  Let's put Kloppenburg on the bench no matter what - no matter her lack of judicial experience - no matter that key figures (including Barack Obama and Jim Doyle) passed her over for judicial appointments.  Not once, not twice, but five times in the past years.  Yet, for some reason, many of the anti-Walker crowd felt she would have been just fine to serve Wisconsin as a Supreme Court justice. 


Finally Kloppy did something right.  Rather than continue to prolong the agony and send the results on to the courts, she admitted defeat.  Of course this didn't come quite as quickly as her premature victory speech, but what the heck. 

So now, after weeks of big news stories and articles about the race and the recount, and with all the voters and candidates have been through over the past months, where does the good 'ole Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel chose to run this important story? 

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011 - the top two stories - front page above the fold - "Girl Scouts council is one tough cookie" and another of the usual Walker/Republican-bashing articles "Panel votes for corporate tax breaks."   Hmmmmm. 

Okay.  Oh, found it!!!  On the bottom of the front page, right-hand side,  there is a small write-up "Kloppenburg concedes race" (after 2 paragraphs, the story goes to page 10A).  Right next to it, on the left-hand side is the newest focus of the the anti-Walker crowd - "3 GOP senators' recall elections OK'd."  

Wonder why the Kloppenburg defeat wasn't a major above-the-fold large headline story?  or, for that matter, how about a headline stating a Prosser victory?

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