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Congressman Paul Ryan - a voice of common sense.

Wisconsinites have so many reasons to be proud of Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Janesville).  Ryan continues to be a voice of common sense among all the nonsense currently coming out of Washington D.C.    Amid all the smoke-and-mirrors and double-speak from President Obama regarding our economic crisis (while offering no solutions), Ryan understands what the government needs to do in order to return the country to prosperity. 

Recently Ryan wrote a column for Investors Business Daily (5/16/11)  in which he points out what he calls the "Four Pro-Growth Axioms to avert shared scarcity."

They are as follows:

1. We have to stop spending money we don't have, and address the structural drivers of our debt.

2. We have to restore common sense to the regulatory environment, so that regulations are fair, transparent and predictable.

3. We have to keep tax rates low and predictable, so that job creators have incentives to invest in America.

4. We have to refocus the Fed on price stability, instead of using monetary stimulus to bail out Washington's failures. Businesses and families need sound money.


Ryan's article goes on to address the perspective coming directly out of Washington, D.C. - that we must all share in our burdens via, of course, the usual Democratic solution to anything - raising taxes.  This is wrong.  We cannot continue to spend money we do not have and continue to take more money from hard working Americans just to keep spending.  This is a vicious cycle, with no end in sight.  It has to stop.  We need to be fiscally responsible - otherwise America is doomed.  We ARE approaching the tipping point of disaster.

Ryan continues with views shared by most in our country:   that America IS an exceptional nation.  Unfortunately, President Obama, the Democrats, and many liberals seem to have a difficult time understanding this.  They fail to believe that American ingenuity, creativity, hard work, personal responsibility, and jobs are the real answer to our economic crisis - and are part of the foundation that makes the United States a great country.  Instead, many on the left would like to see government grow.  They think that government needs to take care of us - government knows best.  And in turn, the government then perpetuates an "entitlement mentality" that is detrimental to the country (but helps assure votes for those giving the hand-outs.  After all, when government is giving you a check for doing nothing, would you want the gravy train to stop?) 

Let the private sector flourish - don't continue to point to big business - or middle business - or small business - as the enemy.  Private sector jobs make the country successful.  Aside from the public vs. private sector mentality that President Obama is so fond of evoking, he also tends to pit the poor against the rich.  Why?  Why does Obama continue to perpetuate the myth that our economy is some sort of stagnant pie?  If someone has more, they must have taken it from someone else?  That is not true.  As I have stated in several other blogs, the economic pie is not stagnant.  Someone isn't rich because someone else is poor.  Rather, that person who has more has usually worked for it.  They have not "taken" from someone else to get where they are.  What is so great and wonderful about America is that everyone can succeed - if they want to.  There are no limits. 

Representative Ryan is one who really understands what has to happen in order for the United States to return to true economic prosperity and get back on track.  Unfortunately, Representative Paul Ryan probably will not run for the presidency in 2012.   If Ryan did, Obama wouldn't stand a chance.  Obama's fluff wouldn't stand up against Ryan's substance.   However, we should take comfort in the fact that someone of Ryan's intelligence and integrity is one of the real leaders in Washington D.C.  And maybe, just maybe,  he'll change his mind and run for President...

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