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After four six-year terms in office, United States Senator Herbie "do nothing" Kohl has announced he will not seek re-election.  His term will end in January of 2013.

Can anyone name any major accomplishment by Kohl during his nearly twenty four years in the Senate?  (Owning an NBA basketball team or hosting a milk stand at the State Fair don't count...)   Besides being able to fund his re-election campaigns, helping to buy his seat every six years, nothing comes to mind.  Oh, Kohl did sponsor some bill that required safety locks on handguns!!!  And Herbie did come up with that slogan "nobody's Senator but yours" (was he referring to the Democratic Party?).

Last fall, the voters decided they had enough of "the maverick" - uber-leftie Senator Russ Finkgold - and gave him the boot.   After 18 long years.  Perhaps Wisconsin voters will continue to exhibit common sense and a desire to kick out the tax-and-spend, pro-entitlement mentality  Democrats -  and elect another strong conservative similar to  Senator Ron Johnson.  By all counts, it sure could happen.  If Governor Scott Walker continues to work to make Wisconsin thrive - despite all the childish antics by the opposing party - and the voters realize how positive and strong our state can become after the dismal Doyle days, all bets are off.

On, Wisconsin!

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