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Gas Price Hypocrisy

In continuing to point out the alternative universe that exists between how the media and Barack Obama were outraged over high gas prices during the Bush years (reference my previous blog:  "Just a lot of gas..."),  and now how the high cost of gas is portrayed as really no big deal.... let's compare what the media and Obama had to say during the Bush presidency, versus how they view things in a different light during the current Obama reign:


Funny how some are calling  the highest gas prices we have experienced to date a "good thing."  Even the President himself finds it amusing that an owner of an SUV - with Obama pointing out that an SUV gets "eight miles to the gallon" (sorry, Obama, this flippant remark is not true of any SUV's..), jokingly tells this person to get a "hybrid SUV."  No solution to high gas costs mentioned.  Obama just brushes off the question with a few obnoxious chuckles.

During the Bush years, the media and Democrats were outraged when gas reached prices of $2.80 per gallon.  The furor increased when gas prices rose into the $3.00-plus range.  Now we are seeing the cost at the pump in the $4.00 plus area - with the possibility of going to $5.00 per gallon or higher.  Yet, no anger or demands for solutions.  No holding the President accountable.  Why?

Ah, the hypocrisy of the media and the President.  Ya gotta love it. 

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