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Of course Kloppenburg will not go gently into that good night...

With over a 7,000-plus margin of  votes to overcome, Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Joanne Kloppenburg has asked for a statewide recount of all 1,400,000 votes cast in the recent race for that position. 

 Is anyone surprised?

This request comes from a woman who, with only a 200-plus vote lead on election night,  was quick to declare herself the winner.  Kloppenburg even went so far as to go on television with an ill-advised and foolish victory speech.  But, of course, no shame or embarrassment involved with that move. 

So now, instead  of using common sense and admitting the inevitable:  defeat -  Kloppenburg is cloppin' on.  No concession speech for now.  The recount will prove to be an exercise in futility.

Of course,  the chaos and confusion spin has begun.  Kloppenburg, during her press conference regarding her recount decision, talked about all the" irregularities" in this election.  (What "irregularities" is she referencing?  The illegal voters being bussed up from Illinois?  College students being told by their professors to go out and vote - even if they weren't Wisconsin residents?)   Kloppenburg also wants the Government Accountability Board to have a special investigator check into what occurred in Brookfield.  Although we already KNOW what happened, Kloppenburg and her campaign seem intent on establishing that some sort of nefarious activity took place in Brookfield (maybe George Bush and Dick Cheney stuffed the ballot boxes...).

We all know that Kloppenburg doesn't have a chance of overtaking Prosser  - by any legitimate means.  However, that is not the point here.  What Kloppenburg and her leftie supporters are trying to do is question the legitimacy of Prosser's victory.  It's as simple as that.  And the longer they can drag this out, the better.  They want to confuse and distort the election results.  This all ties in to keeping the momentum going for the liberals and unionistas intent on recalling several Republican elected officials.      

The fact of the matter is that in 24 statewide recounts that have taken place in the past decades throughout the nation, the most that any result changed was by approximately 1,000 votes.  That's it.

Kloppenburg's decision to not bow out gracefully, but dig in and waste time and money shouldn't be a shock to  anyone.  The woman has shown no class or sense of right or wrong since the campaign began.


And we - the Wisconsin taxpayers - will foot the bill.  

At least we can be comforted by one thought  -

Supreme Court Justice David Prosser WON!!!

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