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Will Kloppenburg be as quick with a concession speech...

We all know how Democratic candidate for the Wisconsin Supreme Court, Joanne Kloppenburg, was quick to claim victory (with a whopping 204 vote margin (less than .004%  out of 1,479,976 votes cast!)) shortly after the elections on Tuesday, April 5th.  Before anything was official.  Before the canvasses and certification.... 

For those who may have forgotten:

Enter the City of Brookfield.  Waukesha County Clerk, Kathy Nickolaus, neglected to press the correct computer button to ensure that the votes from that specific area were given to the Associated Press.  Yes, you heard that right.  The Associated Press wasn't given the numbers!  The votes from Brookfield were never "found,"  they were just never sent to the AP.  They were counted.  The information was there.  And the mistake was found during the canvassing - which is the point of the canvass to begin with.  Many on the left have been been clamoring for Nickolaus to step down and resign her duties, due to this mistake.  (Funny how the Dems in Madison didn't call for a known multiple drunk driver, Representative Jeff Wood, to lose his job over his multiple CRIMES!  In fact, when they needed his vote during a lame-duck session, they busted him out of jail and drove him to Madison.  What hypocrites!)

Supreme Court Justice David Prosser is now ahead by over 7,000 votes.  The official canvassing is supposedly going to end tomorrow (Friday, April 15th).  The canvass just means the votes - which have already been cast (again, not "found") are being tallied and compared to all the recorded information to make sure all the counts add up.  Milwaukee has yet to finish, but most other counties are all done. 

There is no way - in all honesty -  that Joanne Kloppenburg will catch up to Prosser and win. 

With this in mind, will she (or the Democratic machine that is behind her, pulling the strings) admit defeat?  Or will she demand a recount? 

Only time will tell.  However, the eventual reality is that Kloppenburg has lost.  Prosser has won.  And Joanne Kloppenburg sure could learn a thing or two from Prosser.  At least he hasn't declared victory.  The man has class.  

If Kloppenburg DOES have any sense of class or decorum, she'll admit defeat.  Unlike her premature victory speech, she's had a lot of time to work on a concession speech!  It should be a good one.

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