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Kloppenburg SmackDown

Finally!  The truth surfaces!

Think the media will cover this?  (Maybe after the election...)

 There just might be a glimmer of hope that this ad might get through to some of the  bobble-headed union-istas who seem to be following  the liberal plan for destroying Governor Walker without question.  By aiding and abetting the Joanne Kloppenburg campaign, all many liberals are looking for is a vote on the Supreme Court from a judge that will make up the laws as she sees fit.  That is WRONG!   And hopefully others who saw the reprehensible pro-Kloppenburg ad  this response is addressing, will realize how dishonest it truly is.

Lest we forget, Governor Walker was elected by the majority of Wisconsin voters a few months ago. Many Republican lawmakers were voted in, becoming the majority in the state assembly and senate, while the Dems were sent packing in November.  

Yet, who doesn't want to allow the will of the people to be heard?  The losers.  Those now in the minority.  The liberal game plan of obstructing, creating chaos, and spin is in full-play right now.  We've witnessed it full-throttle in Madison.  And now it is being used to distort a campaign for the oh-so-important Wisconsin Supreme Court justice race. 

We must not allow the white noise to confuse people into doing what is right.  We must  elect a  REAL judge - a judge with experience - a judge who will apply the laws -  as Prosser has and will continue to do.  He will NOT create and manipulate them to make a certain political party happy as Kloppenburg surely would.

The Democrats will stop at nothing - as evidence in the earlier disgusting Kloppenburg ad that this YouTube video addresses.  

Re-elect  Supreme Court Justice David Prosser on Tuesday, April 5th.  If Prosser loses, nothing Walker proposes will be allowed to go through.  The liberal activist judges will see to that.  And last November will mean nothing.


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