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A Message from Representative Dan Knodl

A reader forwarded this e-mail on to me from State Representative Dan Knodl (R-Germantown).   Rather than continue to follow the slanted reporting from media outlets on the budget repair bill and obvious fawning over those protesting Walker and his proposals,  people really should take the time to read the Governor's budget repair bill.   See how it will help our state in the long run.  With that in mind, here is the write-up from Representative Knodl that shows how one key area - school districts -  could see savings in the future: 


Budget Repair Gives Schools, Local Governments Financial Flexibility

By Representative Dan Knodl

March 18, 2011

Over the next few months, the legislature will analyze, discuss and seek input on Governor Scott Walker’s 2011-13 state budget proposal.  As we begin to examine the tough decisions that will need to be made, we are receiving encouraging news in terms of the savings that may be realized by local units of government and school districts under the recently-enacted budget repair bill.

A few days ago, we received a memo from the Legislative Fiscal Bureau detailing the pension savings that could be realized by every school district and local unit of government in Wisconsin as a result of the budget repair measure.  Following are the estimated savings for the school districts and municipalities of the 24th Assembly District:

-          Germantown School District: $222,000.00

-          Menomonee Falls School District: $440,800.00

-          Hamilton School District: $1.49 million

-          Village of Butler: $23,600

-          Village of Germantown: $1.23 million

-          Village of Menomonee Falls: $1.62 million

-          Village of Richfield: $28,800

-          Washington County: $1.73 million

-          Waukesha County: $3.79 million

Please note that these numbers are estimates and will differ depending upon contractual and other budgetary circumstances in each area.  For example, savings in Waukesha County will be about $1 million less than the LFB estimates.

These numbers are encouraging, and they do not even include the potential savings that many schools and local units of government may realize under the increased public employee contributions to health insurance premiums.  While those numbers will also vary widely from locale to locale, additional savings could be very large in some cases.

I expect additional numbers to be released in the days and weeks ahead that give a clearer picture of how local governments and schools will fare as a whole under the Governor’s 2011-13 budget proposal.  Some initial reports indicate that many school districts and municipalities may actually come out ahead when the budget repair bill and the upcoming biennial budget are factored together.

Once a more definitive analysis is compiled, the Joint Committee on Finance (JCF) will conduct public hearings on the proposal and begin its own line-by-line breakdown.  After that, the Assembly and Senate will review the changes made by the JCF and determine whether additional amendments are necessary.

Regardless of any changes, our next state budget will not raise taxes or fees, will not contain raids on segregated funds, will cut government spending, and will reduce the structural deficit by 90%.  For too long our state has put off tough budget decisions and we can no longer afford to do so.  It is time for our elected officials to grow up, be adults, and provide an honestly balanced budget for Wisconsin’s taxpayers.

To contact me with any questions or comments or to sign up for my regular e-updates, please send an e-mail to or call me at (608) 266-3796.

(By the way, for those liberal readers who are so quick to wring their hands worrying about whether or not I have permission to re-print Representative Knodl's column, I do indeed.  Knodl's legislative assistant, Vince Trovato, has given me open-ended permission to re-print any e-mail updates from Representative Knodl.)


In addition, for those of you who still think "collective bargaining" is a "right,"  check out how it has been abused:

A Year’s Worth of Pay for 30 Days of Work
Under the Green Bay School District’s collectively bargained Emeritus Program, teaches can retire and receive a year’s worth of salary for working only 30 days over a three year period.  This is paid in addition to their already guaranteed pension and health care payouts.
At the average annual salary for a Green Bay teacher of $51,355, this amounts to a daily rate of pay of $1,711.83, or an hourly rate of $213.98.  Since most retiring teachers receive higher than average salary, these amounts are, in practice, much higher.
 Teachers Receiving Two Pensions
Due to a 1982 provision of their collective bargaining agreement, Milwaukee Public School teachers actually receive two pensions upon retirement instead of one.  The contribution to the second pension is equal to 4.2% of a teacher’s salary, with the school district making 100% of the contribution, just like they do for the first pension.  This extra benefit costs taxpayers more than $16 million per year.
Source: February 17, 2010 Press Release, Process of developing FY11 budget begins Milwaukee Public Schools
Almost $10,000 Per Year for Doing Nothing
While the Green Bay Emeritus Program actually requires teachers to at least show up for work, the Madison Emeritus Program doesn’t even require that.  In addition to their pension payouts, retired Madison public school teachers receive annual payments of at least $9,884.18 per year for enrolling in the Emeritus Program, which requires ZERO days of work.
When this program began, 20 days of work per year were required.  Through collective bargaining, the union successfully negotiated this down to zero days.


Governor Walker is getting our state back on track to become fiscally sound.  Do not forget that Walker was elected by the majority of voters to do the job that  he is doing.  Most voters are scattered about the state - and we are the "quiet majority" - supporting Walker while watching the chaos in Madison and just shaking our heads in disgust and disbelief.  I say, keep up the activities in Madison! - the more people see and hear the union thugs, flower power children, and other liberals with nothing better to do, the more confident we are that Walker is doing the right thing! 
Governor Walker has proven himself to be a man of his word - he does what he says and is trustworthy.  He explains things to the people - and makes such good sense when doing so.  Real transparency - not just a sound bite!  He doesn't spin things to put himself in a better light.  He doesn't lie.    Walker really is a refreshing change compared to many other politicians (especially his predecessor).   Continue to support him and the fellow Republicans in our state government that are doing exactly what they have been elected to do!
In closing, on April 5th, our state will see a very important election - that for a Wisconsin Supreme Court judge.  Do not forget to cast your ballot to re-elect Wisconsin Supreme Court Judge David Prosser!  The Wisconsin Supreme Court race will become the next target of the Madison protesters - especially the unions, as they attempt to get Prosser's challenger - JoAnne Kloppenburg - on the bench.  All in the hopes that Kloppenburg will provide a vote against the Walker Budget Repair Bill.   Ms. Kloppenburg is very liberal - and has served as an "environmental enforcement" attorney for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.  She has donated to liberal politicians in the past and supported the Green Party candidate in an assembly race last year.  

The Wisconsin Supreme Court is made up of seven judges, with Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson (very liberal) a close friend of Kloppenburg.  It is of utmost importance that we prevent another leftie from winning a seat on the bench.  Should Prosser lose, as the unions are hoping, the Supreme Court - with a liberal majority - will do what liberal judges like to do - legislate from the bench.  Not abide by the laws, but create them as they see fit.  We've seen it happen many times in the past - liberal judges twisting the rules from the bench to fit their own agenda.  This must not be allowed to happen.  Supreme Court Judge David Prosser is an excellent judge - who does his job according to the law - ruling ON the law -  fairly and impartially. 

Vote to re-elect Judge David Prosser on April 5th!

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