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The following write-up was sent directly to me via e-mail from one of my frequent readers.  She is as disgusted as I am by what is happening in Madison:   the treatment of the capitol and abuse heaped upon Governor Scott Walker by protesters and the media,  and the behavior of the 14 AWOL Democrats hiding out in Illinois like pouty children.  (Remember, people, elections have consequences!  Or so we were told when Democrats were the majority in government...).  Anyhow, I wanted to feature her article - and she would like to be referred to as "Believer Bee" - since she has no interest in having her name known to the nice, open-minded, compassionate libs who frequently comment on my blog site.  Thanks, BB, for providing your thoughts:



 Intimidate is defined in Webster's Dictionary: to frighten, to make timid  or  fearful; to inspire or affect with fear; specif., to deter as by threats; overawe; cow.

 Let's apply that definition to the Democratic Senators that decided to flee  their responsibility to legislate in the State of Wisconsin. Were they  inspiring to affect with fear the outcome of the vote in the senate chamber?  Did they deter the vote by the threat that they would not return to vote  unless they got their way? Did they try to overawe the citizens of Wisconsin? Would you say they tried to browbeat the Republican side of the  house to do things in their liberal,   overspending attitude? It is time for  the "pick up your marbles and I won't play anymore people" to come back to Wisconsin and get on with the business they were voted to do.
 Then you have the Union thugs hiding behind teachers, firefighters, police and state workers to promote their agenda by using fear and making threats  to gain monies in order to continue to bring a downfall to our nation by pressing us into deeper debt. It is time to stand up to these bullies once  and for all. They should be held responsible for the damage that they have inflicted on our Capitol Building.  They have had disregard for the damage  that they have done to the beautiful marble interior and exterior of our state property. Their lack of respect in order to deter the democratic  process of government needs to be dealt with. Send the AFL-CIO and WEAC and
 all other participating unions the bill.  They have bullied our state long  enough with their demands for collective bargaining privileges.  It is not a  right to bargain collectively.  It is a privilege that they have abused over the years.
   Teachers, Firefighters, Police, and State Workers- Please know that the  citizens of Wisconsin have great respect for you and that we want you to  have the same rights as given to the private sector.  We know you need to  have a way to grieve and a way to negotiate your contracts but collective  bargaining has been given to only a few select citizens and the union  leaders have over promised and have not bent in their demands. Officials  that the union has negotiated with have given in to over-expenditures and  did not foresee this devastation to our country.  Our country is in a bad  economic time and we all must sacrifice and pull together to get the many  unemployed back to work.  The stimulus money did not change a thing on the  economic side of the issue.  We still have high unemployment numbers and  many people that are not even counted because they have given up looking
for employment.  Actually, you could say we are in a depression - even if our  government is in denial. Step up to the plate and be counted in knowing that you are fortunate to have a job.  Many of the people you serve do not have
 that. The self-employed don't even have unemployment when their business takes a dump. I know that you are a caring group of people and that the  majority of you can see what is happening to your friends and neighbors in
 this time of need. 

Stop the demand for "only if it benefits me."  Think of  benefiting everyone. 

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