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Do as we say, not as we do!

Ah, liberalism.  Ya gotta love it.  The hypocrisy!   The double-standards!   The ignorance!   The bliss!  The lack of common sense! 

For months now, the left has been lecturing those with opposing views on "civil discourse" and ending the "hate-filled rhetoric."  We have seen how many liberals rush to blame conservative speech as being responsible for horrific events.  Case in point - the violent attack by a very disturbed individual  in Arizona, which left a Republican judge dead, as well as several others.  U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords was wounded and is now recovering.  Yet, what the media and left focused on was blaming the so-called "inflammatory rhetoric" from the right as being responsible for the attack on Representative Giffords (the fact that a District judge who was a Republican, was actually killed, was glossed over).  It was as if the "hate-filled rhetoric" (and the left likes to define "hate-filled rhetoric" as that speech that doesn't agree with their agenda) had taken on a life of it's own and pulled the trigger.  We kind of had to overlook the fact that Jared Lee Loughner was clearly a troubled individual and was not politically affiliated with any left OR right cause.  He didn't follow politics, according to friends.  He shot, killed, and wounded many people.  Yet, who pointed fingers of blame away from Loughner and at those on the right immediately after this tragedy?  The usual suspects.  And then what group immediately demanded a return to "civil discourse?"  (Which seems to apply to only those on the right of political spectrum, of course.)

Fast forward to the mess in Madison.  Professional protesters, bussed-in activists, union thugs, UW-Madison students who seem to have lots of free time to join in,  and leftover flower power children from the 60's have literally taken over the state capitol for weeks.  Turning it into a pig sty.  Chanting, shouting, beating on drums, and in essence trying to exert power by mob rule.  Yet, the liberal media does what?  Why, it reports on how "civil" the protesters are.  How "nice" and "polite."  We get warm-and-fuzzy stories on how pizza chains in other states are ordering pizzas to be delivered to the protesters!  How heartwarming.  How thoughtful.    And we are told repeatedly how these people are simply exercising their free speech rights.  Yes folks, this is the exact same media that called the very peaceful Tea Party attendees "angry mobs."  They were full of "hate-filled rhetoric" and were mean-spirited.  Simply because they held meetings to denounce Obamacare and big government.  Double-standard?  You bet.

Another excellent example of the hypocrisy of the left was on display yesterday (and video taped) when the "civil" and "polite" protesters surrounded Republican Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend), shouting at him, getting in his face, and not allowing him to enter a door to the Capitol.  Madison Democratic Representative Brett Husley  actually had to come to Grothman's aid and protect him from the unruly mob (oops!  I mean "nice" and "civil" protesters!).


And what about those 14 AWOL Dems still hiding out in Illinois?  Classic hypocrisy again.  What group constantly bemoans "disenfranchising" voters when it comes to discussion of Voter ID?  Yet, what group is now doing exactly that - disenfranchising voters?   These 14 AWOL Dems are rendering the voters votes ineffective.  They are NOT representing their constituents  That is REAL disenfranchising.  And yet, it's OK, cuz they are "standing up"  (by running away to another state) to Governor Scott Walker.  My goodness.  I cannot make this stuff up! 

As for liberal ignorance, one can only say that the state of Wisconsin is broke.  (Thanks Governor Doyle!).  We need to slash spending and streamline government.  The budget cuts will not be easy, but they are necessary.  This is no longer the corrupt years of Diamond Jim Doyle, who couldn't balance a budget and preferred to play shell games with taxpayer dollars, all the while continuing spending, raising taxes and increasing fees.  Not to mention cozying up to WEAC, other public unions, and working out questionable deals with the Indian Gaming compacts.   Governor Walker is the anti-Doyle.  Yet, as expected, the left is starting the fear-mongering.  NOTHING can be cut!  Why, we will all perish!  Schools will fall into rubble and our children will be unable to learn! (Hey, isn't  that already the case with MPS?).  Everything will basically fall to ruin if we cut ANYTHING!!!!  Waaa waaa waaaa! 

Nonsense.   Walker is addressing the needs of our state.  He is taking on the entitlement mentality that has seeped into the mindset of many over decades.  Change is necessary and required.  Walker, to his credit,  is standing firm.  He is doing exactly what he was elected to do by the majority of Wisconsin citizens. 

Many of us realize that we can no longer bury our heads in the sand and go about business as usual  as Obama and other lefties would like to do.  We cannot pretend everything is fine.  We cannot and must not join the liberals in their ignorance.  The tipping point is here - and the tipping point MUST be addressed.  Wisconsin could set the standard for the rest of the country in taking responsibility for setting American back on a path towards prosperity and growth - as well as smaller and more efficient government!  What happens in Madison - with the success of what Walker wants to do -  could be a true victory for the people of our state AND our country.

And now for the ultimate in the ridiculous - the media somehow seems to think it is important to get Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett's "take" on what Governor Walker is doing.  Anyone remember that Barrett got creamed by Walker in the race for Governor?  Think Barret would come up with something of substance to say?  Fat chance.  All Barrett could offer up is the governor is taking money away from schools and all other areas of public service,  and the city of Milwaukee will suffer.  Everything is under attack by what the governor is doing.  Boo hoo hoo. Seems that Barrett thinks that life as we know it will soon cease to exist, and it will all be Scott Walkers fault.  Does anyone CARE what Mayor Barrett thinks?  Barrett also had the nerve to call Walker a "weak leader."   (Maybe someone should tell Mayor Barrett that many  in our country think the real "weak leader" is residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.) 

Thank you, Governor Walker!  Continue to stand firm and lead - as you were elected to do!  And I urge those who support the governor to continue to send e-mails and call the capitol to offer up encouragement and thanks!  Call and/or e-mail your representatives in Madison.  We must not let what is truly "mob rule" overshadow actual democracy. 

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