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Thank You Governor Walker and Assembly Republicans!!!

The Wisconsin State Assembly voted on and approved Governor Scott Walker's budget-repair bill early this morning.  Wisconsin taxpayers owe the governor and the Republicans a big "thank you" for doing their jobs!  Finally Wisconsin has a Governor who is facing the budget crisis in our state head-on.  He is doing what is necessary to set Wisconsin back on a fiscally-sound path.  Quite unlike "Diamond Jim"  Doyle who did little more than play shell games with taxpayer dollars and continued to spend us into oblivion.  If anyone could be pointing fingers of blame at a predecessor for leaving a big fiscal mess behind, it is Walker.  But, unlike the little man-child in the White House who blames President Bush every chance he gets, Walker is mature enough to just buckle down and do the job he was elected to do.  Kudos to Walker and the Republicans in office, as well as the majority of Wisconsinites who are supporting him! 

As for the Senate, fourteen clowns posing as Democratic Senators from our state are still AWOL.  Hiding out in Illinois.  (Hey, maybe the newly-elected thug Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, can play host!  Obama can call in and give a big "shout out" to the flaky fourteen, after all, they are following the Obama script as expected.)   The State Senate cannot vote on passage of Walker's budget-repair bill until these losers -  who are refusing to do the jobs they were elected to do -  decide to return to the state.  What they are doing is simply wrong. 

Contrast their actions with those of their fellow Assembly Democrats.  Isn't it ironic how Democrats in the Assembly were yelling "shame! shame!" at Republicans for voting on the budget-repair bill?  For doing the job they were elected to do?  Wouldn't it make more sense for the Assembly Dems to be picking up the phone and yelling at their fellow Dems who are in hiding:  "shame! shame!"  After all, aren't their actions what is REALLY  shameful?!?  Think for just a moment - if anyone who has a regular job decides simply not to show up - for days on end and  hides out -   wouldn't they - in the real world - be fired?  Yes.  You can bet on it.  Yet, common sense and logical thoughts, as well as an ability to know right from wrong,  seem to be very elusive qualities to many in the Democratic Party.

The hypocrisy of the Democratic Party is classic.  The end always justifies the means.  That's why the Democratic party could care less about voter fraud - cuz it benefits them - so the end result is good.  Doesn't matter if getting to the desired result is illegal, what matters is winning. 

Remember all the hand-wringing by liberals against Voter ID and the claims that, by requiring people to prove they are who they say they are, Voter ID will somehow  "disenfranchise" voters,?  Well, aren't the missing 14 Senate Democrats REALLY disenfranchising the voters?  They are elected officials, elected to represent the people. And they are NOT representing them.    Yet, to many Dems and many in the media, it doesn't matter that these Dems are AWOL - holding up the business of the government.  Not representing their constituents that they are being paid to represent.  Not doing their jobs.    No, as long as they can stall the bill and continue to listen to Obama and his union thugs, they will remain in hiding, supported by many who don't seem to care about the rules and procedures as to how government is designed to work.  Pathetic. 

I shudder to imagine how the mainstream media and Democrats would have ripped Republicans to shreds if they ever pulled a stunt like running away to another state to hide simply to avoid voting on bills they didn't like!!!  

In closing, here is the height of hypocrisy:  When the Assembly Republicans were leaving the chambers after the vote,  Representative Brett Hulsey (D-Madison) actually had the nerve to shout out:

"Cowards!  You're all cowards!"

And shockingly enough, he wasn't referring to the wimps in his own party holed up across the border!  Priceless!

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