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Madison Tea Party Rally - February 19, 2011

Thanks to my conservative sister, Moe, for providing the following pics from the recent counter-demonstration which took place in Madison on Saturday.  You know, Madison - where teachers are AWOL, the Democratic senators from the state of Wisconsin are hiding out in Illinois, refusing to do the job they were elected to.  All in efforts to protest against Governor Scott Walker's very necessary budget repair bill.  And keep in mind, the Tea Party rally didn't need to bus in demonstrators from other parts of the country.   Quite unlike the anti-Walker crowd,  thanks to the Obama Administration and the unions.

In addition, Tea Party members showed up on a Saturday, February 19th, - and many were able to  because they had a day off of work.  Quite different from the anti-budget reform bill protesters who seem to be able to forget they are employed by the taxpayers and have a job to do.  They can be in Madison during the week, on the weekends, and beyond - especially with very unethical doctors willing to provide them fake excuses for missing work!  Who cares if the classrooms they teach in sit empty?  They've got their cushy benefits to consider!  What's more important?

All of this will - and is - backfiring big time.  Think the taxpayers feel sorry for any of the protesters standing up against Walker and his budget reform bill?  After shutting down schools and neglecting the jobs they are paid to do?  in order to protest?  As for the Democratic Senators from the state on the lam hiding out in Illinois in order to avoid voting - shame on you!  For the party who always complains about the possibility that voters may be "disenfranchised" if they are required to provide an ID at the polls, aren't the voters REALLY disenfranchised by the elected officials who fled the state and no longer are around to represent anyone?  My goodness, the hypocrisy is priceless.

And Obama and his community organizing co-horts would best be served by focusing on the country, not Wisconsin.  The country and it's fiscal problems should be enough to occupy the "community organizer in chief" - not the dealings of the state of Wisconsin!  Get out of Wisconsin, Obama.  And tell the Dems hiding out to get back to work - after all, it's your call they are waiting for!

Keep up the protests, union thugs, teachers, and others who work for the taxpayers and are paid BY the taxpayers!  You will only continue to add fuel to the fire against public sector cadillac benefits and health care plans.  And in order to really solve the present and future budget crisis, your ability to "collective bargaining" (which is a privilege, not a right) must go.  Get used to it.  The solutions to our budget crisis are going to be harsh.  We in the private sector already realize it.

One thing my conservative sister made of point of, she refused to take pics of the anti-Walker signs from the other side, saying they were disgusting.  Governor Walker pictured in a bullseye, Walker being compared to Hitler or Mubarak.  Whatever.  Guess the left is just practicing their "freedom of speech" not "hate-filled rhetoric," when it comes to their signage!  Yea, right!  Remember, the liberals have a philosophy:  do as we say, not as we do!!!

Ah, what a great few days it's been for our country.  The left and it's union thugs have been exposed for what they are.  And  Walker will NOT back down.  The budget reform bill WILL pass, and many will be really outraged when the budget is introduced!  Finally - a Governor with a backbone, willing to do what is right!  Doing what he was elected to do!  Why, Walker may be a great candidate for president one of these days!  Walker is providing the people of Wisconsin a glimpse of what real HOPE and CHANGE look like!

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