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Five Quick Hits on the Super Bowl

Finally the weekend of THE big game is upon us.  Soon all the reporting,  interviews,  hoopla,  and goofy stories surrounding the Super Bowl will fade into the background and the game will begin!  Who would have thought that the Packers would have ended up in Super Bowl XLV, given all the injuries and obstacles they had to overcome early in the season to get to Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas?  What a testament to the players and coaching staff, as well as coach Mike McCarthy.  What an exciting Sunday coming up for football fans around the globe!  Amazing!

Here are my five quick hits on the Super Bowl, and yes, some are of a political nature! :)

1)  What a great economic boost to our state, Pennsylvania, Texas, and across the country for those who are waiting in anticipation for the big game to begin.  Player jerseys,  Super Bowl memorabilia, foam cheeseheads, "Feeling so fly like a Cheesehead" t-shirts, and other souvenirs and clothing associated with the game are flying off store shelves everywhere.  People are spending their own hard-earned money on Super Bowl items that they want, thereby boosting local, state, and nation-wide businesses to increase production to keep up with the sales.  Capitalism at it's finest - supply and demand.  No government subsidies or stimulus needed!  Obama should observe and learn! 

2)  While some are on a spending spree, the President of the United States is - for once -  saving taxpayers money! (Shocking, I know!).   We have the Chicago Bears to thank - for losing to the Packers a few weeks ago, which enabled the Packers to become the National Conference Champions and advance to the Super Bowl.  Obama had said if his home team -  the  Bears -  won, he would have headed to the Super Bowl (some have said that Kenya and Hawaii didn't have a football team called "the Bears" so they didn't know what "home team" Obama was talking about!...  This is a joke, by the way, for some of the humorless lefties out there).  If Obama had attended the Super Bowl, it would have been a logistics and costly nightmare, although Obama rarely seems to consider the consequences of his actions.  To him, the ability to do whatever he wants is just one of  the perks of playing President. If Obama wanted to go - he'd go.  So what if it cost the taxpayers a bundle?  We need to send a big shout-out to Jake Cutler and Co. - thanks for saving the taxpayers money!  We can use the cash to buy more Super Bowl items! 

3)  Obama will instead be staying at the White House to watch the Super Bowl on television with invited guest, Milwaukee's own Mayor Tom Barrett.  Anyone besides me have a theory on this one?  Now, why wouldn't Obama invite Governor Scott Walker to sit and watch the game with him - after all, Walker has a lot more clout around the state than Barrett.  (Oh, that's right, Walker is a Republican!  Boo! Hiss!)  Perhaps Obama is looking at Wisconsin and the strong shift to the right - and he wants to plant the idea in Barrett's head that maybe the Milwaukee Mayor should run for the Herb Kohl Senate seat when Herbie comes up for re-election in 2012.  Rumor has it that maybe the folks who threw Democrat Senator Russ Finkgold will do the same to Kohl.  After all, Kohl represents the spend-and-tax out-of-control Washington D.C. establishment, has ties to the current president, and his voting record goes against what many people wish (like when it came to socialized medicine).   Kohl is just another one of the arrogant Democrats who refuse to listen to the people and has been in office waaay too long.  There is a good chance Kohl's  seat will be up for grabs, with maybe (and this is just a maybe) Mark Green will step up to run as the Republican candidate for Kohl's seat.  Obama and his crew probably figure that Barrett may have a better chance for the Senate seat than Kohl.  The Democrats clearly don't want to risk losing yet another big senate seat in the next election in Wisconsin.  Although, Barrett - in my opinion - is a weak solution.

4)  A kudos to the ingenuity and creativity of people making money off of Super Bowl tickets, parking places, hotel rooms, etc.  Again, supply and demand.  People are willing to pay - huge amounts of money - for luxury boxes, game tickets, hotel rooms, airline tickets, souvenirs, and other items associated with the Super Bowl.  Yet, nary any complaints from the "disenfranchised" folks out there who cannot afford to go to the big game or pay the high costs to enjoy it in Arlington.  Why is that?  No reports on the "evil rich" stealing from the poor to get to the game.  Perhaps the Super Bowl is one of those few events where it is expected that costs surrounding the event will skyrocket?  Our family cannot afford to fly down to Arlington, rent a room, and pay for tickets.  It's way out of our budget.  Yet, we realize that others can and will be able to afford such extravagances.  Do we wish them ill will?  Are we angry?  Are we jealous?  Do we think we should take some of their money away from them and give it to others?  No!  In fact, we think more power to 'em!!!  I know this goes against the grain of the "rich" vs. the "poor" that the socialists in Washington D.C. like to promote.  However,  for this event, the finger-pointing and crying about "all the money being spent on the Super Bowl could be used to feed the hungry" have been missing.

5)  And last, but not least!  A big "thank you" to the Green Bay Packers for making this football year so exciting.  The best is yet to come and the Packers could - and should -  win this one if they play their game and avoid penalties and mistakes.  They have the will, the desire, the ability, and potential.  My prediction:   Packers:  21 - Steelers:  13.   Can't wait to hear WTMJ sports announcer Wayne Larrivee shout :  AND THERE IS YOUR DAGGER!!!   

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