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Anyone planning on watching Obama's campaign speech on January 25th?

Barack Obama, after accomplishing next to nothing in his first two years in office, takes to the airwaves (yes, again!) for his annual "State of the Union" speech.  (What has this guy really done to improve the country in two years anyhow?) 

 Anyone going to watch?

As Rush Limbaugh stated today, does anyone really want to listen to somebody lie for a complete hour or more?  Be sure to listen for the buzz words "civility" and "investment" to be used over and over.  Try playing a drinking game with them and you'll probably end up smashed by the end of what could really be termed a "re-election speech."

Even the word from some of the news media is that Obama's address will have have more"ambience than substance."  Oh sure, he'll talk about jobs, the deficit,  and the economy, but does he really have any clue how to improve anything?  Does he really want to?  No.  Obama WANTS people reliant on the government.  Obama WANTS to spend our country into an economic turmoil from which we can never recover.  At least most of America realizes this and WANTS this president to be a one-termer and put a stop to the direction Obama plans for America.

I myself cannot stomach watching the arrogant little man-child, sticking his nose up in the air and speaking down to all his subjects.  Don't want to see it, don't want to have to listen to it.  And for right now, we still have the freedom to change the channel or do something more entertaining, like take out the trash (oh, didn't we do that this past November???)....And thank goodness the Packers beat the Bears, cuz now the mainstream media won't have to go gaa-gaa, fawning all  over Barry and Michelle at the Super Bowl!

What I really do want to see is the Republican rebuttal to the "State of the Union/re-election" speech - given by Wisconsin's very own Congressman Paul Ryan.  Now that should be worthwhile.  Substance over ambience.  Fact over fiction.  How refreshing.   

If you don't want to watch Barry O., here are some positive thoughts to help get you through the next two years of an Obama presidency:  Scott Walker is Governor (soon to give his own "State of the State" address).  Taxes will not increase in our state.    Voter ID is soon to become a reality.  The taxpayer-soaking car-speed rail train is dead!    Obamacare may soon follow.   Nancy Pelosi is no longer "Madam Speaker."  The Republicans control the state government in Wisconsin and the House in Washington D.C.  The brakes are being put on socialism.  And - no small feat -  the Packers are headed to the Super Bowl! 

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