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The Arizona shootings and the hypocrisy of the left.

While most Americans were horrified and sickened by the recent shootings of a Congresswoman and several others in Arizona - resulting in six deaths and fourteen other people wounded - some saw fit to use this tragic event to further a political agenda.   Lies, baseless theories, and spin abound.  Disgusting.   

Of course I am speaking specifically of the liberal media and many others on the left.  Who somehow saw this shooting - by a lunatic - as an opportunity  to blame it on conservatives, Republicans, and members of the Tea Party.  And this blame game is falling flat on its face - as it well should.

Jared Loughner, the shooter,  was unstable. His past - and present actions demonstrate as much.  People were frightened by him.  Those who attended a Community College with this young man mention how bizarre he acted.  How he seemed very strange.  He was eventually kicked out of the college, and was notified that he would not be allowed to return to school unless he agreed to a mental evaluation.  In addition, Loughner's very troubling YouTube videos and MySpace site are evidence that this man has a lot of issues. 

Jared Loughner brought a gun to a political gathering and killed and wounded people.  Jared Loughner.  Not the Tea Party.  Not conservatives.  Not Republicans.  Not "divisive political rhetoric."  Jared Loughner is a bad individual and will pay for his crimes.  He is to blame for the attack in Arizona.

It is disgusting how many on the left can look past Loughner and point fingers at the right in this case with no problem.  No hesitation, nor facts.  Sadly, the accusations and spin started to fly just a few hours after the shooting.  Yet, remember the Fort Hood shooting and Major Nidal Malik Hasan?  Hasan killed 13 people and wounded 30 others.  He had ties to radical Islam and was a follower of terrorist cheerleader Yemen Imam Anwar Awalki (Awalki later called Hasan a "hero" for his violent actions at Fort Hood).  Yet, the media, President Obama, and others on the left did everything they could to "not jump to conclusions" that Hasan was a Muslim. No, in that case the media wouldn't want to "judge" anything before all the facts came out!  It would be wrong to assume anything!  Journalists and those on the left didn't want to hear that Hasan had ties to radical Islamists.  Oh, no!  Wouldn't want to offend any group of people by reporting such...unless, of course, that group was conservative!  

Even a law enforcement officer, Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, had to weigh in with his "opinion" that those who oppose what is happening in the United States today may have led Loughner to kill.  Dupnik blamed "the vitriolic political atmosphere" for the Arizona shooting.  In addition,  Dupnik  called members of the Tea Party "bigots"  So much for sticking with the facts, as a law enforcement officer.  (And suffice it to say that Dupnik has become a hero of the liberal left.  Absurd.)    A Democratic operative even told Politico that Obama needs to try to pin this event "on the Tea Partiers."    (As a side note,   Loughner was following Congresswoman Giffords since 2007.  The Tea Party wasn't even around at the time.  In addition, the Federal Judge John Roll,  who was killed, was a Republican. ) 

What is truly hypocritical is that with all this talk about "heated rhetoric" and the discourse today in politics, where were all these same Democrats and liberals who didn't hesitate to call for the death of President Bush or Vice-President Dick Cheney?  Who cheered a movie depicting the assassination of President Bush?  Who said terrorists were better than the President?  Who called Bush and Cheney every horrible word they could think of?    What about all those who ripped every female Republican political candidate to shreds - with glee - and continue to spew the same hate-filled rhetoric today?  Sarah Palin anyone?  Sarah Palin's family anyone?  Oh, but that's OK because those on the left are just exercising their rights to "free speech."  But real "free speech" only applies to liberals, because if anyone voices opposition to socialism, bigger government, or other government actions that aren't in the best interest of the country - well, that is then deemed "hate-filled rhetoric."  OK.  I get it. 

If any political group is guilty of "hate-filled rhetoric" - it is those on the left.  Yet, somehow this realization gets twisted and the Tea Party, conservatives, and Republicans are being targeted by the liberal media in their quest to blame this shooting on someone.  Can anyone tell us why the media and leftie talking heads aren't suggesting Loughner may have had ties to  the Democratic Party, or other liberal groups?  And if not, why not?  Seems they have no problem assuming from the start that Loughner was driven by the rhetoric coming from the right.  Why is that?  

 Of course, as is common with liberalism, the actual person who commits the crime is never to blame.  There are always some other "circumstances" or societal conditions that are responsible - not the one who pulls the trigger, kills, maims, robs, rapes, steals, etc.  And in this case, rather than put the blame squarely on the shoulders of Jared Loughner, where it belongs, the left has to search for the "real perpetrators" - and they must be the Tea Party members! 

And through all of this, remember - the "political discourse" present in our country today does not lead people to create violent acts.  The person who cannot control themselves and/or abide by the rules of society is solely responsible for their own actions.  Maybe a lot of this "hate-filled rhetoric" would die down if liberals would see fit to include in their vocabulary two little words:  personal responsibility.

The shootings in Arizona should not be politicized for any reason.  The irrational behavior of an individual cannot be explained rationally, and to try to seize upon this horrific event as a chance to demonize those on the right is shameful.  Period.

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