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"Only 12 losing jobs from train cancellation."

Happy New Year!  What a great year for those "thousands" of people who we were told would lose jobs due to the cancellation of the car-speed rail project!  Turns out only 12 jobs will be lost!

Funny how that works.  Remember how for months the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel, Governor, Mayor, and other liberals were crying about the "thousands of jobs" that were going to be lost should Governor-elect Scott Walker kill the car-speed rail? 

 Well, Walker did indeed put a dagger in the heart of the car-speed nightmare (good riddance!) with the help of the federal government.

And the "thousands of jobs" lost morphed into a few hundred, then eighty, ...and now....twelve.  Yes, 12 jobs will be lost due to the cancellation of car-speed rail. 

Why aren't the liberals up in arms over the reporting from the newspaper?  The inconsistencies from story to story?  How the Journal/Sentinel attacked Scott Walker on an almost daily basis for his campaign promise to stop car-speed rail?  They threw everything at him that they could muster.  Yet, what about the total number of jobs lost to what is reality? 

Just as Obama's  Stimulus Bill (more accurately called the Generational Theft Act)  was supposed to create "hundreds of thousands of jobs" we eventually learned that it created none.  In fact, national unemployment levels have risen since the billion-dollar stimulus (that just had to be passed - quickly so the unemployment level wouldn't rise above 8%!) was passed - to almost 10% nationwide.  And the little man-child pretending to be president is doing nothing to address job losses by getting big government out of the way of private businesses.  No, Barry O. is way too busy signing off on irrelevant legislation like "don't ask don't tell" repeals, and do-nothing "Start" treaties...

Read the entire story about the actual number of jobs lost from the train death  at:

And rather than writing comments to voice concerns over "blog inaccuracies" or what many of my liberal readers call "lies" when they cannot understand facts, why not contact the folks at the Urinal/Sentinel and ask how could they have gotten the total number of jobs lost from the cancellation of the car-speed rail so wrong???  Month after month after month???  Guess it's a New Year!!!

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