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Let Them Build It

National Issues, Perceptions

There is a huge controversy over the planned construction of a major Mosque and Islamic Center near the "Ground Zero" site where the Twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York were destroyed by Islamic extremists who hijacked four airliners and flew two of them into the towers, causing their collapse. An estimated total of 6000 people lost their lives, including those in the Towers, first responders, people in the vicinity and airline passengers.

Understandably, many people are outraged at the building of a large Islamic Center and Mosque on what is considered by many to be hallowed ground, and strongly feel it should be stopped or at least relocated. I am not one of them. My opinion is to let them build it right there. If to some it's a symbol of triumph, so be it.

Make no mistake, the argument that only the 19 hijackers and a few al Qaeda were responsible and the overwhelming majority of Muslims were as appalled and outraged as we were is false. According to news reports at the time, Muslims all over the world rejoiced when the Towers came down. Certainly not all, but equally certainly many more than the few direct participants, were not at all unhappy at this outrage. Unfortunately, this is a stain on all of Islam, as very few Islamic leaders world-wide publically and forcefully condemn the attack, either then or even now. Shamefully, some continue to celebrate it.

My suggestion is to put up a large, permanent and highly visible memorial display in full view of the new Islamic Center and Mosque. I leave the design to experts, but it should clearly assign the responsibility for this outrage where it belongs. Let all who patronize this place see the memorial each time they come. To illustrate what I have in mind, I have created a mockup of what I feel would be appropriate.

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