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Who's on the spring ballot?

Jan. 3, 2013

The deadline to file for the spring municipal and school elections was 5 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 2. Here's who you can expect to see on the ballot:



The town chairman and two supervisors, all serving two-year terms are up for re-election.

Town chairman Steve Panozzo (inc.), N641 S. Hickory Hills Drive, is being challenged by William Bremer, W3855 Hilltop Road, and Andrew Sellinger

James H. Meyer (inc.) is running unopposed for Supervisor 1

William Bremer (inc.) is being challenged by David Atkins and Wayne Uttke


The town chairman and two supervisors, all serving two-year terms, are up for re-election.

Town Chairman: Paul Kanter (inc.), S10 W31599 Glacier Pass, is being challenged by Lisa Cunningham, W290 N. 3070 Hillcrest Drive.

Supervisor Clare Dundon (inc.), N11 W28910 Northview, Road is running unopposed.

Supervisor Larry Krause (inc.), N30 W28956 Lakeside Drive, is running unopposed.


The town chairman seat is up for re-election as well as two supervisor positions.

Chairman: Perry T. Goetsch (inc.), W808 Rockvale Road

Supervisor: Peter Mark (inc.),W1786 Rockvale Road; Kitty Krueger, W2093 Gary Land; and Jeff Taylor, N8915 Branch Road

Joseph Mallow has filed noncandidacy papers.


Town chairman and four supervisor seats, all with two-year term, are at stake.

Town Chairman: Matt Gehrke (inc.), W277 N8664 Tamarack Road

Supervisor No. 4 Joseph Osterman (inc.), N51 W 24181 Lisbon Road Former Town Supervisor Wendy Landry, N94 W 25172 Norwauk Road, and Hannah Heinritz, N95 W22107 County Line Road, are seeking the supervisor No. 2 seat. Incumbent Dan Heier is not seeking re-election.

Supervisor seat No. 3 was vacated by the resignation of Dan Fischer. Candidates for the seat have until Jan. 11 to file.


All incumbents are filing for re-election, for two year terms.

Town Chairman: Richard Morris (inc.), W339 N9280 Townline Road

Town Supervisor: Richard Nawrocki (inc.), N67 W32452 Wildwood Point Road

Town Supervisor: Jim Fleming (inc.), W317 N8390 Highway 83

Town Supervisor: Don Herrick (inc.), N70 W31091 Club Circle West

Town Supervisor: Mark Lichte (inc.), W337 N6691 Stonefield Way


Municipal candidates in the Town of Oconomowoc will run unopposed

Incumbent Town Chairman Bob Hultquist, N52 W35495 Lake Drive, is seeking to retain his two-year post.

Town Supervisor No. 2: John E. Roelandts (inc.), N73 W36398 S. Shore Drive; this is a two-year term.

Town Supervisor No. 4: Brian Wiemer (inc.), N62 W37989 Burtonwood Drive; this is a two-year term.

Blackhawk Sanitary District Commissioner: Jerry Peterson (inc.), N60 W38462 Hawthorne Dr. This post is a six-year term.

Mary Lane Sanitary District Commissioner: Brigid Rooney (inc.), N60 W39616 Mary Lane. This position is a six-year term.


The town chairman and two town supervisor posts are up for re-election.

Town Chairman: Richard Arrowood, (inc.), W355 S3370 Hawks Hollow

Town Supervisor: Gary Goodchild, W46 W35864 Meadows Drive



The village president and three trustees are at stake. All incumbents are seeking re-election without opponents.

Village President: Robert Foote Jr., 32451 W. Oakland Road

Trustee: Bronson Haase, 6948 N. Wildwood Point Road

Trustee: Jo Ann F. Villavicencio, 5587 N. Highway 83

Trustee: Dwyn Van Bereghy, 6354 Brumder Lane


Village President: David Lamerand, 536 Saxony Court (inc.)

Trustee: Richard Landwehr, 251 Meadow Lane (inc.)

Trustee: Jack Wenstrom, 734 River Reserve Drive (inc.)

Trustee: Randy Swenson, 709 Canterbury Circle (inc.)

Trustee: Diane Vernon, 311 Hill St.

Trustee: Ann Wallschlager, 1148 Mary Hill Circle

Lac La Belle

The post of president and two trustee positions, all two-year-terms, will be decided by caucus on Jan. 16.

Village of Merton

Candidates are expected to be nominated for spring elections by caucus on Jan 15.

Oconomowoc Lake

The positions up for election include the president, a two-year term , and three trustee seats, which are four-year terms.

President: Joe Birbaum (inc.), 4750 Hewitts Point Road

Trustee: Jeff Fellows (inc.), 36712 Armour Road

Trustee: Chris J. Shult (inc.), 4734 Hewitts Point Road

Trustee: Bryan Waltersdorf, 4508 Hewitts Point Road

Trustee David Falstad turned in his noncandidacy papers by the required deadline in December.

Village of Pewaukee

One village president seat and three at-large trustee seats are available, each serving two year terms.

Trustee Cathy Baumann will not be seeking re-election and has filed noncandidacy papers.

Trustee Dean Flowers did not return his papers by the filing deadline, so the deadline was extended until Jan. 7. If Flowers wishes to run, he must do so as a write-in candidate.

Village President: Tom Calder (inc.), 504 High St.

Village President: Jeffrey Knutson, 759 Glacier Road (former village president)

Village Trustee: Paul Evert, 327 Lookout Drive (inc.)

Village Trustee: Jennifer Murphy, 733 Cheviot Drive

Village Trustee: Bill Woolley, 255 Main St.

Village of Summit

The village president is running unopposed; two trustee posts are also up for re-election.

Trustee Jim Breen filed his noncandidacy paperwork.

Village President: Jack Riley (inc.), 35791 Whitaker Lane

Trustee, two-year-term: Kraig G Arenz Sr., (inc.) 1960 N Golden Lake Road

Trustee, two-year term: Susan Schmitt Moran, 401 Golden Cedar Lane


City of Oconomowoc

Three aldermanic seats are up, all incumbents are running unopposed.

District 1: Jay Larsen

District 2: Rich Allen

District 3: Mike Miller

District 4: Dave Nold

City of Delafield

Four aldermanic seats, each with a two-year term. Three incumbents are running unopposed

District 1: Jeff Krickhahn (inc.), 4506 Vettelson Road

District 3: Jane Lazynski (inc.) is not seeking re-election. No one has filed for the seat.

District 5: Gerald MacDougall (inc.), 300 Fieldstone Road

District 7: Tim Aicher (inc.), 211 E. Laurel Circle

City of Pewaukee

Mayor and three three-year term aldermanic seats

Aldermanic District 1: Dale Noll, W264 N2827 Prospect Ave. Former alderwoman Kathleen Novack has filed noncandidacy papers. Novack was recently elected the new Waukesha County clerk.

Aldermanic District 2: Colleen Brown (inc.), N9 W27808 Woodridge Lane

Aldermanic District 3: Steve Bierce (inc.), N29 W22240 Kathryn Court

Mayor: Scott Klein (inc.) N29 W26656 Peterson Drive

One four-year term

Municipal Judge: Gary Glojek (inc.)



Jeff Lewis has filed non-candidacy and will not seek re-election. John Blask (inc.), 886 Joshua Court, and Dacia Hopkins (who has run in the past), 404 Park Ave., have both filed for spring elections. There are two vacant seats; the terms expire in three years.


Three incumbents (Susan Schultz, N66 W30860 Redfox Run, representing North Lake, Kent Rice, N47 W27010 Green Hill Drive, representing Richmond, and Donna Vrakas, N45 W28912 Capitol Drive, representing Hartland-Lakeside) are running unopposed for three more years.


There is one seat up for election, a three-year term. Incumbent Jennifer Hughes, W288N7263 Spinners Pass, will run unopposed.

North Lake

There are two seats expiring at North Lake Schools; both incumbents, Marty Iverson, N73 W30491 Polo Court South, and John Marchek, W295 N8437 Camp Whitcomb, are running again for three more years.


Only one candidate's term expires in 2013. Incumbent John Fuhs, W291 N6340 Red Tail Lane, is running unopposed for another three-year term.

Stone Bank

There are two seats open (each a three-year term).

Incumbents William Rafferty and Jeff Burchardt will not seek re-election.

Sara Kureck, N64 W33072 Lakeview Drive, City of Oconomowoc

Kurt Prante, W334 N5911 Road M, Village of Nashotah

Heather Smith, W335 N7469 Storm Bank Road, City of Oconomowoc

Heather Kohls, W336 N6744 Prairie View Court, City of Oconomowoc

Lake Country

There are two seats open, each serving for three years. Incumbents Carol Reise-Schouten, 4506 Vettelson Road,and Kathy Nordeen, W305 N2974 Red Oak Court, will run again.


Two vacant seats, both three-year terms

Ginny Henningsen and Kristi Korpela have filed non-candidacy papers and will not seek re-election.

Candidates: Terence Gunville, 920 Tenny Ave., Hartland; Larry Earnest, 913 River Reserve Drive, Hartland; Shannon Foley, Farm Valley Court, Pewaukee

Richmond School District

Five candidates have filed for two three-year terms.

Two incumbents have filed non-candidacy (President Ken Skarie, Clerk Lisa Boyer) and will not return.

Candidates: Cindy Milgram, W25291 Aberdeen Drive, Pewaukee; Bill McCluskey, Beaver View Road, Hartland; Michelle Jackson, W26515 Mountain Meadows Drive, Sussex; Lew Krisberg, N59 W26251 Indian Head Drive, Sussex; Victor J. Frangopoulos, N27 W26772 Pompano Court, Pewaukee

Kettle Moraine

Three candidates are running for two seats, each with a three-year term.

Board: Dennis Krueger (inc.), W361 S2779 Lisa Lane, Dousman; David J. Zeier (incumbent), N19 W29051 Golf Ridge North, Pewaukee; Bernie J. Ziebart, N19 W28072 Golf View Court, Pewaukee


Two three-year terms are up for election in the spring election. Incumbent Elizabeth Thelen filed papers of non-candidacy.

Dave Guckenberger (inc.) W1456 Highway O, and Steve Zimmer, 278 Lakeridge Drive, will be on the spring ballot.

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