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Pewaukee woman pursues dream, publishes book

Feb. 13, 2013

Sherry Rummler of Pewaukee is the newly published author of "Entrusted," and will be signing copies of her book from noon to 2 p.m. Feb. 16 at Brewers Two Cafe, 203 W. Wisconsin Ave., Pewaukee.

It's a labor of love for Rummler in many ways, who took more than three years to get the book to publication. It's very deeply personal for Rummler, who drew from her own military experiences, her faith and her maternal bond with her own two sons.

Tell me about your book.

The book is a work of fiction. It is a novel based on a on a young single mother who is tested through various relationships and worldly challenges. Through these challenges her experiences test her faith but ultimately give her the fortitude to carry through and find love. Above all she learns that her son was a gift entrusted to her.

The book is a work of fiction brought about by circumstances. It was always a dream of mine to publish a novel. After the economy faltered, I was left without a job and time to pursue this endeavor. Having sent out multiple resumes and being discouraged I took a hiatus to begin "Entrusted."

Where does the title "Entrusted" come from?

The main character Anna having a tendency to be overprotective is on a journey to realize what most mothers learn. The book takes the reader from birth through high school graduation. In the final analysis, Anna learns that her child is entrusted to her, and she has no power over his destiny.

Your character, Anna Bertram, was devastated when her son unexpectedly dropped out of her life, and she is desperate to find him again. Did your own family inspire that maternal connection? What is your family like?

There is a motto in the writing world that states write what you know. The parallels are not exact, but like all mothers I too have felt the sting of separation and empty nest. I have two sons, one in college out of state and one a senior at Arrowhead.

In your book, Anna comes across a young soldier on the beach who left a little clue behind - a book with a photograph tucked inside. What roles do the men and women in service play in your book? Did anyone in your life inspire that?

After high school graduation, I left home for basic training at Lackland AFB in San Antonio Texas. I served my country in the Air National Guard for six years as an information management specialist. Upon my discharge I held the rank of staff sergeant. The men and women who serve our country leave their families and sacrifice their time and talents are true American heroes in my opinion.

Some authors have quirks when they work on their projects. Tell me how you wrote your book and how long it took you.

I write with a cup of coffee in yoga pants; it's all about comfort! Ha! I write first thing in the morning, 1,000 words a day. As I write it's like I'm watching a movie, and I'm explaining it as it goes. The characters reveal themselves and take me in places totally unplanned, that's the fun part. It took less than three months to write, but the editing and publishing … well, that's another story! Publishing was over a three-year period.

Is it ever too late to reclaim a relationship with a loved one?

Never. The character Anna led me to believe, as I walked her journey with her, that love is eternal between a mother and child. The relationship between parents and child is unique and sometimes complicated. Even though parents and their children may not agree on decisionmaking, they can open their heart to listen and learn from each other.

Your book opens with your character on a beach in Maine, and you're from Pewaukee. Any inspiration from Pewaukee Lake?

I spent time with family in Maine on vacations. I'm originally from the East Coast but have made Pewaukee my home for the last 14 years. I am drawn to the water and the peace that it brings. I love nature, and when not writing you will find me outside ... maybe even sitting on the bench in front of Pewaukee Lake.

I've read some great reader reviews who say they couldn't put it down or that it's such an emotional read. What kind of feedback is the most meaningful to you from your readers?

Yes, I've been humbled by the reviews I have received from the readers. As a writer it is important to convey the message through strong characterization. The ability to draw emotion from the readers is most satisfying. It shows they are relating to the characters, the plot and receiving the message that the novel conveys.

So you're working on a second book. Tell me about that…

Yes, I'm currently working on a second novel. This is not a sequel to "Entrusted," but a standalone novel. I am enjoying the process and the discovery of new characters.

Tate Publishing reflects the philosophy established by its founders, based on Psalm 68:11, and there are some pretty strong Christian elements in your own writing. Could you tell me about your faith and how it influences you?

My faith definitely has a strong influence on my writing. To be honest, it is the reason I write. I wanted the novel to convey the message of hope. Life is not always easy; sometimes it's downright messy. This novel takes the characters through tough times, which make it applicable and relatable. Through faith and being open in your spirit there is a deep well of love from God waiting to be experienced. It was always my goal, through "Entrusted," (that) readers would be touched by that love and by the heartfelt responses I have received they already have.

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