SUV tipped, stoplight knocked down in Highway 83 accident

Published on: 9/29/2009

Two vehicles collided in a busy Village of Mukwonago intersection on Sept. 29, closing the road and detouring traffic for about 45 minutes while the Mukwonago Fire Department attended to the drivers of the vehicles.

A SUV north-bound on Highway 83 and a car west-bound on Holz Parkway collided in the intersection of 83 and Holz around 11 a.m., causing the SUV to tip onto the passenger side and slide into the stoplight, knocking it down.  The drivers of the vehicles were transported to the hospital, one to Froetdert and the other to Waukesha Memorial Hospital.

The driver of the car was 63-year-old Arthur Stroede III of Milwaukee. The driver of the SUV was 54-year-old David Yardley of Delevan.

The accident is under investigation by Village of Mukwonago Police.