Obama's speech will be available in Mukwonago, Kettle Moraine schools

Published on: 9/4/2009

President Barack Obama's speech on Tuesday, Sept. 8 at 11 a.m. will be available in classrooms in the Mukwonago Area and Kettle Moraine School District.

A Sept. 2 letter from Kettle Moraine School District Superintendent Patricia Deklotz informed parents in the district that all Kettle Moraine schools will have the opportunity to hear the President's address and where it fits within the curriculum, students will engage in a dialogue following the remarks.

"We will use this opportunity to engage students in critical thinking," Deklotz said in the letter. "We also encourage our parents to speak with your students about the President's message, what it meant to them and how it aligns with your personal beliefs."

In the Mukwonago Area School district, letters went home to parents of elementary children informing them that the speech will be available in classrooms throughout the district. Any parent who objects to having their child hear the speech should let the teacher know, said Mukwonago Superintendent Paul Strobel.

The President's speech will be available to all classrooms in the Mukwonago district, however, at the high school and middle school, many students will be at lunch when the speech is scheduled to be broadcast, Strobel said.

The text of the speech, which will address the importance of education and will challenge students to work hard, set educational goals and take responsibility for their learning, will be available online Monday so parents can read it.