OASD will archive President's speech for later review

Published on: 9/4/2009

Oconomowoc Area Schools-  Inquires made by community members to the district office regarding a planned presidential message to children about  the importance of education that will be broadcast on Tuesday, on C-SPAN and via webcast, prompted a statement by Superintendent Dr. Patricia Neudecker.

In response to questions, Neudecker assured residents that the US government has not directed  or required schools to use the broadcast and neither the state, nor the Oconomowoc Area School District, has mandaded the use of the broadcast or materials. The US Dept. opf Education produced an online sample of activities that could be used with the speech.

The Superintendent said that since teachers have a responsibility to preview instructional materials before they are used to insure age appropriateness and relevance to the curiculum, the live speech will be archived for later review. If after reviewing the speech a teacher determines it meets the appropriate criteria,. it may then be used. Teachers will be asked to inform parents of any plans to use the speech and allow students to opt out at a parent's request.

"Any message about the importance of education, setting personal goals, and striving to be the best one can be is a powerful message for all students," Neudecker wrote. "Our area schools are fortunate to celebrate high graduation rates of almost 100 percent, but we must all be reminded that approximately 30 percent of our nation's youth may not graduate from high school. While I have yet to hear the President's message to students, I assume it will be genuine and hopefully powerful. If it is just that, I believe it will be useful regardless of it is heard live or at a later time, in school, or in home," Neudecker added.