State board disciplines Oconomowoc nurse

Published on: 6/19/2009

A registered nurse from Oconomowoc, working at St. Luke's Medical Center in Milwaukee, had her license suspended indefinitely by the Board of Nursing (BON).

According to information from the Wisconsin Department of Regulation & Licensing, Heidi K. Sutter withdrew 66 doses of oxycodone from the drug dispensing machine between June 12 and July 12 of 2007. A review found that only 19 of Sutter's withdrawls of oxycodone were fully charted as being administered to patients and in at least 10 cases, there was no documentation at all where references to pain and/or pain medication are to be charted. The BON order stated Sutter was evaluated at a counseling service and was not diagnosed with any substance abuse or dependence condition.

Sutter agreed to the BON's action which also granted an immediate stay of the suspension. This allows Sutter to continue working as long as she continues to submit to drug screens. If she does not continues with the drug screens, or tests positive for controlled substances, the indefinite suspension could be reinstated and further conditions could be places on her before being allowed to practice again.