We don’t have a dress code and everyone’s invited

Published on: 6/2/2014

By Paige Brunclik

City of Oconomowoc Parks, Recreation and Forestry:

Above: Riverside Park is a wonderful place for 30 minutes or more in nature.

There’s no age restriction to enjoy a swing on the playground. The park bench or picnic table invites everyone for a visit. If our city’s recreational paths could talk, I think they’d say, “Hi and thanks for passing by,” to every tennis shoe, sandal, bare foot and wheel that passed over them.

The City of Oconomowoc maintains 337 acres of recreational facilities which includes more than 47 parks and trails. These sacred, healing, picturesque places are here for you and you and you and you – everyone is invited to enjoy them.

The Oconomowoc Community 30X30 Challenge is a simple yet profound idea that gets us back in touch with the quality of life activities that our taxpayers support so we can thoroughly enjoy our natural surroundings as we far too often get boxed up and distracted by the unnatural ones.

I invite you to make a date with our parks, trails and facilities – they’ll be happy you stopped by.

Head out on beautiful Lac La Belle in a canoe, kayak or on a stand up paddle board. The city will offer a promotion on watercraft rentals during the 30X30 Challenge.

Try out the lap around Fowler Lake. Head to one of my new favorite spots, Riverside Park, psst there’s a new playground ready for “kid testing” later this week. Just sit and stare at the lake. Hug a tree in the park. Play at Imagination Station and come back June 7 with the family for the playground’s five-year anniversary. So many incredible things here for everyone.

Don’t dress up. Shoes are optional. Wide eyes, deep breaths and not rushing are required.


Sign up to take the challenge today, www.oconomowoc-wi.gov/challenge.