What I've Learned So Far

Published on: 9/26/2009

 The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is a “dry” campus.  This means there is absolutely no alcohol allowed on campus, not even for those of legal drinking age.  The process for obtaining a license for these beverages is a long and laborious process, and is not open to students regardless of age.


In practice, this rule, along with many others governing substance use, is ignored, laughed at, and spit upon.  It is common to see drunken students, almost every one under the age of 21, stumble through buildings and into halls.  When this is combined with the other rampant substance abuse here, it becomes a significant problem.


It is not my place to judge those who drink and do drugs.  I have chosen not to, but this does not give the right to criticize.  However, I do get this right when the lack of enforcement begins to interrupt my life.  When suspect students attempt to sell me things from shoeboxes, when bottles are openly displayed, and when the smoke wafting around is clearly not that from cigarettes, I get a little angry.


I get a lot angry when the behavior isn’t stopped, and is seemingly encouraged.  The campus “police” (and I use that term lightly) are nothing short of useless.  They will not stop a clearly inebriated student and they do not care about reckless behavior.  In fact, I have seen a campus officer pass a drunken student yelling at others and not give him a second glance.


The University should know better, and I deserve better.  The are here to learn, not to be protected.