If Nancy Pelosi were a Republican, her political career would be over.

Published on: 5/17/2009


Watch Nancy Pelosi bumble and stumble:


Does anyone really believe that Queen Nancy is telling the truth? Even many Democrats are distancing themselves from her. Pelosi should have taken a few lessons from Bill Clinton on the art of lying. She isn't doing too well on her own.

Imagine, this woman is third in line to become President of the United States. Scary thought. (Although Joe Biden, as second-in-command is even more frightening.)

If Nancy Pelosi were a Republican, she would have been forced to step down as Speaker of the House by now. As we all know, Republicans are held to a much higher standard of behavior and conduct than Democrats. The media tends to ignore many reprehensible acts by liberal politicians, but delights in reporting (over and over) on any improprieties by Republicans. In addition, we currently have a President who doesn't have enough guts to confront Pelosi and demand she resign. After all, who would Obama turn to for guidance? Harry Reid, George Soros, and moveon.org may suffice for awhile, but Nancy Pelosi is the one Obama really takes orders from. He'd be lost without her. The Democrats in Congress and the Senate control everything and will do all they can to protect her - right or wrong, simply because she is a Democrat.

Look what the election of 2008 got us. A President who doesn't know what he is doing. A Vice-President who is kept hidden away due to his ability to embarrass the Obama administration every time he opens his mouth. And now the Speaker of the House saying the CIA lied to her - and her alone - about enhanced interrogation techniques. How embarrassing. How low our country has sunk in just a few short months. Pelosi should have the decency to step down. Unfortunately, as we have seen time and time again, Democrats seem to believe they can do no wrong. Mrs. Pelosi will not go gently into that dark night...


... even though it is the right thing to do for America.